Be a Largest Heart

The Be a Largest Heart scholarship is the first of its kind. It’s a fund where 100% of monies given go restoring a youth suffering from the devastating effects of mental illness and/or addiction. We are thrilled to announce that Jill Haire, founder of the life changing program Relax On Impact and the A.R.C Institute will be our third party mental health and addiction expert.

Jill Haire, a private licensed mental health counselor of 13 years, is excited to partner with the Largest Heart Foundation in coordination with the launch of the Jill Haire A.R.C. Institute (Addiction, Relationships, Childhood). She herself has been in addictions recovery for 22 years and has committed her life to helping others overcome addiction in its many forms. Her online school will provide an inexpensive and accessible curriculum to all individuals looking to receive a dimensional education on recovery from surface addictions, relationship issues, and the core issues of childhood impact. She is authentic and educated and has a variety of other credentials including 13 years as a CAP, NCC, Hospice Grief Counselor, and as Author and Founder of Relax On Impact TM.