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But it is so innocent! When a gaming hobby turns into an addiction.

Introduction   Part of Largest Heart’s mission is that people need to be educated about addiction issues so that we all can talk about them...

How do you change the world?

One opportunity at a time!

Largest Heart's goal is to change the way you think addiction and suicide.

We lose 594 lives in America everyday to overdose (201) and suicide (132) and addiction (261 - excessive alcohol).

Please join with us in raising awareness and

start the conversation.


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We Can Prevent Addiction and Suicide

Evidence shows the effectiveness of strong prevention techniques and programs. Whether it’s stop smoking campaigns, wear your seat belt or cancer screenings - investing in prevention works. It will save lives, money and make the world a happier place!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists prescription drugs overdoses as one of the top 5 Public Health Challenges. Prescription overdoses, addiction and suicide take too many lives each year. Let's share the love.


Understanding the Problem

  • Addiction is a disease
  • Let’s end the stigma and shame.
  • Let’s show hope and love and share the knowledge that a better tomorrow does exist

2021 is the year of Hope - let your

light shine BRIGHT on those struggling with mental illness, depression & addiction. Be kind, be good

and be the light of hope they need.

LOOK UP! There are miracles all around you - you just need to look up sometime. Today, look up ways you can get involved in your local community to help those struggling. Volunteering opportunities are too countless to number. If your struggling there are resources below and mother nature has always been a gentle healer. Take a walk and reconnect with this incredible universe that created the INCREDIBLE YOU!

What you can do

Knowledge Is Power