What is the greatest need of hope and love in America?

Addiction and suicide.

Almost 300 lives are lost every day to addiction/overdose and suicide in America. Please join with us to make these preventable deaths a thing of the past.

We’re working to raise awareness through action and prevention

We have a public health crisis that’s destroying families, our economy, and our society. Costs totaling over $600B[4] annually and more than the economic costs are the lost lives. Every life lost to suicide or overdose effects 6 people. Let’s stop saying goodbye to our loved ones.


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We Can Prevent Addiction and Suicide

Evidence shows the effectiveness of strong prevention techniques and programs. Whether it’s stop smoking campaigns, wear your seat belt or cancer screenings - investing in prevention works. It will save lives, money and make the world a happier place!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists prescription drugs overdoses as one of the top 5 Public Health Challenges. Prescription overdoses, addiction and suicide take too many lives each year. Let's share the love.


Understanding the Problem

  • Addiction is a disease
  • Let’s end the stigma and shame.
  • Let’s show hope and love and share the knowledge that a better tomorrow does exist

What you can do

From The Press/Media

Press Release – ORLANDO, FL – August 20, 2018 – Largest Heart Corporation becomes the first 501(c)3 nonprofit without a cause. The innovative nonprofit makes history with its revolutionary approach, which takes wisdom of crowds/group thinking to..


Winter Garden resident creates nonprofit in honor of his brother

With a yellow bracelet that reads, "What Would Andrew Do?," Peter Cook, a Winter Garden resident and founder of the nonprofit Largest Heart, does exactly that: What Andrew would do. Andrew Michael Cook, Peter Cook's brother, died in Chile at 39 years old in January 2017.