First Nonprofit without a Cause Launches | The Orlando Advocate

ORLANDO, FL - August 20, 2018 - Largest Heart Corporation has become the first 501(c)3 nonprofit without a cause. The innovative nonprofit makes history with its revolutionary approach, which takes wisdom of crowds/group thinking to: Help identify the most pressing need in America (the cause) Identify the nonprofits doing the best work in that field (top 3 nonprofits working in that cause), and Empower them with resources ...

Innovative new non-profit launches

Home " About West Orange Chamber " Blog and News " Innovative new non-profit launches Guest article by Pete Cook, Largest Heart Inspired by my late brother's remarkable life-and the lives he touched, I recently launched a non-profit to spread hope, love, and knowledge in an innovative and exciting new way.

Innovative New Non-profit Launches - Impress Ink Screen Printing and Embroidery